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Cristiano Ronaldo Instagram Account’s Worth

According to data that was shared by Hopper, a platform that is based in the United Kingdom and is used for Instagram planning and scheduling, football star Cristiano Ronaldo has topped the list of highest-paid celebrities on Instagram, which is owned by Facebook. Cristiano Ronaldo Instagram account earns an astounding $2,397,000 per post. Ronaldo is one of the celebrities with the most followers on Instagram, with 494 million people following him. He has won the Ballon d’Or many times during the course of his career.

The following person on the list is Kylie Jenner, who is a well-known media personality, socialite, model, and entrepreneur in the United States. Each sponsored post brings in an income of $1.8 million for her. On Instagram, the star of the E! reality television series Keeping Up with the Kardashians has amassed 338 million followers. In addition to that, she is the creator and owner of the cosmetics firm Kylie Cosmetics, and she is one of the individuals with the most followers on Instagram.


Cristiano Ronaldo Instagram account


The Most-Liked Cristiano Ronaldo Instagram Account’s Post

Recently, Cristiano Ronaldo revealed to his followers on social media that he and his girlfriend Georgina are expecting a pair of twins. As of November 9, that particular post on the social media platform has received the most likes of any post made by a sports star on Instagram. It eclipsed Lionel Messi’s post in Paris, which was the location of the Argentine superstar’s unveiling after joining Paris Saint-Germain. The social media post made by Cristiano Ronaldo Instagram account announcing that he and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez were expecting twins has received more likes than any other post made by an athlete in the history of the social media network.

At the time of this publishing, Ronaldo has surpassed Messi to become the most liked post on the page where the Argentine was introduced as a player for Paris Saint-Germain. Cristiano Ronaldo Instagram account’s post has received well over 21 million likes. The snapshot that Cristiano Ronaldo posted to Instagram is currently in second place in terms of the most liked images in the history of the social media platform, behind only the photo of an egg that was uploaded with the express intention of breaking the record for the post with the most likes.


The Most-Liked Cristiano Ronaldo Instagram Account's Post


CR7 Urges Syrian Children “Not to Lose Hope” in Heartfelt Instagram Message

On DECEMBER 23, 2016; On the field of play for football, Cristiano Ronaldo may give the impression of being selfish, but he has once again shown his humility off the field by sending a message to youngsters who are caught up in the middle of the civil conflict in Syria. As hundreds upon thousands of innocent people continue to suffer the total weight of the city’s submission to government troops, the city of Aleppo continues to dominate headlines throughout the world.

But while politicians in the West struggle to find a diplomatic solution to the war, Cristiano Ronaldo, who is an ambassador for the global charity Save the Children, has urged children in Syria not to give up hope in a video that he posted on his Instagram page in 2016.

Ronaldo made the comments in response to a video that “Saves the Children” posted on its Instagram page. The number seven player for Real Madrid said in the video that “this is for the children of Syria. We are aware that you have been going through a lot of pain recently. Even though I’m a pretty well-known athlete, you guys are the ones who really deserve the credit.” The winner of the Ballon d’Or in 2016 has received praise for his message from a number of people, and Nick Finney, the CEO of Save the Children, was quick to thank Ronaldo for his nice words, which he described as “life-changing.”


Instagram account of Cristiano Ronaldo


Why Ronaldo Has More Instagram Followers Than All Premier League Clubs?

There are several explanations for why the Portuguese superstar player has more Instagram followers than any English Premier League team, but we’ll focus on just three.

  • He smashed several records set by football greats and became one of the sport’s most decorated players. Many fans fell in love with his unique playing technique
  • He has contracts with several businesses that will utilize his photographs for promotional purposes. As a result of such ads, he amassed a larger following, as consumers who like the advertised goods are likely to be interested in following the creator of that product
  • His businesses provide a wide range of goods with potential human benefit, and he also utilizes the money from his charitable foundation to build and fund hospitals

Cristiano Ronaldo Instagram Account Stats

Cristiano Ronaldo Instagram ID @cristiano
Followers 494M
Average likes based on his last 20 published posts 6.1M
Average comments based on his last 20 published posts 64.9K
Engagement rate 1.15%
The Average Price of His Sponsored Story Min: $270K       Max: $820K              Avg: $550K
The Average Price of His Sponsored Post Image Min: $820K       Max: $1.65M              Avg: $1.23M
The Average Price of His Sponsored Post Video Min: $1.65M    Max: $3.29M              Avg: $2.47M


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