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Instagram Comment Picker | SaverFront Free Instagram Giveaway Winner Picker

A program called Instagram comment picker was created to make giveaways on Instagram that are taking place on particular Instagram accounts simpler. As a result, a specific user type would benefit most from using this Tool. However, people who use Instagram as an influencer may also utilize it to promote giveaways. Typically, it wouldn't be helpful to a regular Instagram user who visits the platform to see Stories, IGTV, or anything else. The remaining users, however, may readily utilize the platform if they are there for business or marketing. The fact that the Instagram Giveaway Picker is free is perhaps its most attractive feature.

Instagram Giveaway Picker

You are not required to pay anything to utilize our Instagram Giveaway Picker. In addition, the whole giveaway winner selection process is automated. Along with publishing the GiveAway URL, there are particular criteria stated in this Tool that you must choose; the rest will be handled by our SaverFront's Free Instagram Comment Picker. It considerably eases your life. Why? Because based on the conditions you have provided, thousands of people would comment on the giveaway post. Therefore, it would probably take days or months to go through every remark before choosing the winner. But our free Instagram Comment Picker tool will take care of everything in a matter of minutes.

Using our free Instagram Comment Picker would be a very efficient and time-saving alternative for you. You also need to be aware that the Random Comment Picker Instagram will only function with Business Accounts. Therefore, anybody utilizing a random Instagram account cannot profit. You also need to connect it with your Facebook page in the meantime. It is crucial to take it into account.

How SaverFront Comment Picker Instagram Works

The features you will get with our Free Instagram Comment Picker are entirely free, and Saver Front is relatively simple to use. All you have to do is visit the Home Page to access the Features. To start with, Copy the URL for the giveaway image or video post and paste it into the appropriate location (the first one with "Enter Post URL." You may set the number of mentions and winners using a couple of the tools. The hashtag that was used for the Giveaway may also be used to find the winners.

Therefore, everybody who hasn't mentioned it in the comment box will be removed from the list of candidates. Additionally, you have the option to eliminate redundant comments. Click or press the Start button or simply "Get Comments." Our free Instagram Comment Picker will then begin to operate based on the specifications you have set. The whole process will take some time, and it will automatically display the giveaway winner to you. You now have the choice of immediately announcing the winner or posting a snapshot of the data from the SaverFront tool along with the announcement.

Why SaverFront

You may come to the conclusion that using SaverFront is necessary or advantageous in some ways. Taking into account all of these factors will give you peace of mind that any data you provide to the Tool will never be compromised. Additionally, none of the staff members of our company are permitted access for any reason. As a result, having it as a reliable and high-quality service for oneself becomes a priority.

By employing anonymous comment picker tools in the past, the majority of giveaway presenters had to forfeit a lot of prizes, which very much made the situation frightening. Ours won't provide you with the same experiences, therefore. However, since it was developed by our premier IT technicians, this Tool's result accuracy is likewise exceptional. Additionally, you will always get sufficient data for the giveaway programs you set up. So, you shouldn't ever be concerned about anything. Last but not least, it is the most dependable free Tool you will ever discover online.

Random Comment Picker Instagram Functionalities

You are already familiar with a few of the capabilities, such as the number of mentions, hashtags, winners, and the ability to remove duplicates. On the other hand, you may not be entirely clear on the objectives of these functions. Therefore, allow us to provide you with a concise overview of it.

Number of Mentions in Random Picker Instagram

In instances like this, when you want to broaden the number of people who are exposed to your giveaway post, the number of mentions is applicable. Because of this, you usually indicate the number of mentions in the part of the rules specifying the Giveaway. However, a large number of individuals consistently break these norms and go above the restrictions mentioned. By utilizing the function that counts the number of mentions, you may screen out such candidates and remove them from consideration for the Giveaway. Our free Instagram comment picker will immediately delete any and all participants who have exceeded the allowed number of mentions as well as those who have broken the rules.

Number of Hashtags in Free Instagram Comment Picker

As was said previously in this post, the use of hashtags is quite essential. As a result, it will be vital for you to provide preference to just those individuals who have used the appropriate hashtags and supported the Giveaway for the adequate cause. As a result, you may make use of the function labeled "Hashtags" to specify all of the hashtags that are required to be used. In the event that someone has not utilized hashtags or has used hashtags that are not relevant, they will be disqualified from the giveaway competition immediately.

Number of Winners Random Picker Instagram Giveaway

In the post about the Giveaway that you shared on Instagram, you mentioned the number of people that would win. Therefore, you can only have the same number of winners at the end of the campaign. Using the Winners function in our free Instagram random comment picker, you can quickly set up the same thing for one, two, three, or one hundred winners, regardless of the number of winners.

Removing Duplicates from Instagram Giveaway Picker

For the Giveaway's sponsors, SaverFront has provided an excellent feature in the form of removing duplicates. It eliminates everyone who is breaking the rules and leaves several comments. But regrettably, it causes problems with duplication, and the Giveaway often ends up seeming unfair. In order to make it fair for everyone to earn the reward, our Tool removes duplicates instantly from the winner list, not at the first stage.


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To win an Instagram comment picker giveaway, you should stick to the rules, follow them, and be careful when tagging friends.

Instagram Comment Picker is a free tool for selecting a winner at random for an Instagram giveaway, contest, sweepstakes, or campaign. The contest winner selector will collect all comments from the chosen Instagram picture or video, filter them according to the giveaway parameters, and choose a random winner.

Go to the SaverFront website, click on Tools, then Instagram Comment picker. In the first text box, copy your post's URL; in the second one, select How many winners will be. In the third, select How many mentions are required to be a winner, and in the fourth, type the specific hashtag you want your followers to write. Then, tap on "Get Comments" to select the winner(s) who followed every one of the rules you applied for the IG giveaway.

SaverFront's IG Toolbox includes an Instagram Random Comment Picker feature as well. All you have to do is log in, input the URL of your post, and choose a winner at random. This tool is excellent for swiftly selecting a random comment and giving you complete control over your contest.

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