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If you want to have access to the huge photos and videos people have on their Instagram story feature, SaverFront story saver comes in handy! Do you know how many people use their Instagram Story on the daily basis? Over than 500 million people! We are all aware that Instagram stories have, in a very short amount of time, managed to capture the attention of every marketer in the globe and successfully wrested control of the stories go-to platform away from Snapchat and TikTok.

This is something that we are all aware of. According to the most recent upgrades for Instagram, the app is expanding beyond the square picture format, and it is spending a significant amount of emphasis on its various video formats. Users of both the iPhone and Android operating systems have access to cutting-edge technologies that allow them to create boomerangs, take hands-free selfies, repost content, or just watch the tales of their favorite influencers. The widespread use of the story format is largely facilitated.

You are able to save Instagram story by using the web-app SaverFront, regardless of whether you use an iPhone or any other kind of smartphone. This is because the interface for IG stories is the same on both iOS and Android.

Instagram Stories Influence Based On Statistics

These are the official data that have been provided by the Instagram team on the widespread use and acceptance of Instagram stories not only by normal Instagram users, but also by Instagram companies located in a variety of countries and regions throughout the globe. To acquire a better understanding of the strength of Instagram stories and the reasons why this format is gaining so much popularity, we have detailed these five data points. So, in order to give you a better idea of how many people use Instagram stories, why using SaverFront's Instagram stories downloader tool is a must, and how popular this format is, below are the most important statistics:

  • 500 million Instagram users utilize the Stories feature on a daily basis (Instagram internal data, January 2019)
  • Instagram Stories posted by companies account for one-third (1/3) of the platform's most-watched content
  • During a normal month, fifty percent of all companies using Instagram across the globe produced at least one story
  • The study results showed that 96% of US marketers want to keep adopting Stories advertisements throughout the next six months

As you may know, Instagram stories are photos or videos uploaded vertically to an Instagram account that are limited in length (up to 15 seconds) and vanish from the account after 24 hours. In order to have them all permanently on your smartphone or PC, you need to use an Instagram stories downloader, best of which is our SaverFront tool.

Why People Use More IG Stories than IG Posts These Days

The majority of the material on Instagram consists of Instagram posts. These are the standard square photos and videos that are posted to Instagram and show in the feeds of your followers. Instagram postings are evergreen. Because they are permanently displayed on your profile (until you manually remove them), they often get more views over a longer period of time. When writing your post, it also implies that you should research best practices; if you need help with that, check out our comprehensive guide to Instagram posts.

Bear in mind that, SaverFront is not just an Instagram stories downloader tool. Our website's goal is educate you about how to use Instagram to create more leads, sales, etc. Beside this, SaverFront provides you an Insta story download, Insta post download, or in general, Instagram download tools.

Stories on Instagram are meant to be brief and entertaining. Instagram Stories may only be seen for a maximum of 15 seconds before being deleted 24 hours after being uploaded. On the other hand, you have the ability to highlight your favorite Instagram Stories at the top of your profile, where they will remain forever.

Instead of being a part of a person's feed, Instagram Stories are shown at the very top of the Instagram app. Instead than being shown in a square format, Instagram Stories are shown in a vertical video or picture format. They often feature things like face filters or stickers, both of which can't be used in an Instagram post. Because they are only available for a limited time, Instagram stories tend to have a more relaxed tone. They are not intended to be a finished or ideal Instagram post; rather, they are utilized as a real-time interaction technique.

How To Use SaverFront Instagram Stories Downloader

The Instagram stories downloader on SaverFront makes it simple and fast for you to save Instagram highlights and stories to your device. You have the option of downloading them in either the JPG or mp4 format. You may download Instagram stories by following the step-by-step instructions that is provided below.

Why SaverFront?

  • Via SaverFront Instagram stories downloader tool, you can save and store all the stories you have watched before on your Instagram account
  • SaverFront will download IG stories in the original size with the best quality
  • SaverFront is both free and unlimited Instagram stories downloader tool
  • To use SaverFront, you never are asked for installing any extension, plugin, software, and application

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Open SaverFront's Instagram Story Downloader; enter a profile's username in the input line and hit Download; you'll see all the Stories that are accessible for the next 24 hours. Select the ones you need and click Download.

To do so, go to SaverFront Story Downloader Tool, and then paste the link of Story or just type the username you want his/her stories to have!

To download Instagram stories, go to SaverFront Story Downloader Tool. It's easy, unlimited, and safe. It also works for both Android and iOS.

In a desktop web browser, go to SaverFront's Instagram Story downloader. Enter the username of the account whose Story you want to download, including the @ symbol. Choose the specific Story you need and click Download.

Go to Instagram. Find the Instagram profile from which you want to download the Story, then copy the username or just the URL of the Story. Simply paste the URL you copied into the top input box. Then, on the SaverFront website, choose "SEARCH" from the drop-down option. Click the "DOWNLOAD" button one more.

This is due to the fact that Instagram does not permit downloading stories with music. You may download or save an Instagram story with music using third-party websites and applications; like

It's super straightforward; copy the link of the IG Story you want to download, paste it into the first text box of SaverFront Story Downloader, and hit the Search button.

If you download stories via, you can manage where they should be stored before downloading starts. Most of the time, downloaded files may be found in the Downloads folder.

Instagram won't let you save, store, and download IG Stories, but with the help of a third-party web app like, your dream of saving Stories may come true.

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